This is the Future of Premium Editorial Content

One of the “grandfathers of Silicon Valley,” Paul Graham (and founder of Y-Combinator) says something that always sits in the back of my head.  He says to build important products and important companies, you need to “live in the future, then build what’s missing.

With that in mind, here’s a very cool “postcard from the future,” via the NYT.  Check out this post. This is a very cool hint of what the future of content will look like, even from traditional publishers.  It’s pretty simple, but totally transformative.

Medium and Svbtle are also doing pretty incredible things with how editorial content is curated and presented, but there’s something important about the fact that this is already happening on the New York Times.



The Shapes of Stories

I’ve always been inspired by this Kurt Vonnegut pontification on the archetypal “shapes of stories.”  Watch and learn about it.  Well worth 4 minutes.

Word of Mouth Business Cards

As a media company that focuses on social engagement and the power of sharing, when it comes to new business cards, we thought it’d be a good idea to practice what we preach.

To that end, we’ve got some new “word of mouth” business cards I’ve been playing around with…  

Business in the front:

David Teicher, Social Media & Event Manager at Advertising Age